Sunday, May 8, 2016

This mother's day

Last night, we got together with family to celebrate my mother in law. She seemed so happy. It was nice for all of us to be together.

This mama and her babies
This morning, Lanie gave me a poem she wrote, and got me a necklace I've been wanting.
Natalie Grant "fruit of the spirit" necklace

Ahh, love the mama and baby birds

Erin got me a Creaclip. I've been talking about it for two weeks because a friend of mine uses it and her hair looks amazing. Erin and I were out shopping for my mother-in-law yesterday and went by a supplier store so I could check on scissors and to see if they had the clip.

"Mom, you've already spent enough money. You need to stop!" Erin reprimanded.

And for someone like me who really doesn't shop a lot because of the overwhelming guilt I feel about spending money (well, except for books, and even then sometimes ... ), I second guessed myself.  I didn't mention anything of Erin's words, or my selfish purchases ... or needing to revisit the mulch budget I cut into with my impulses.

I opened the gifts this morning and Shane snapped pictures. When I got to the Creaclip, he said, "I told Erin to do whatever it took to not let you buy it."

Thankfully my hair is so long now that if I mess it up, I still have enough for a stylist to work with!
He knew I was out to look for it in a store. I was prepared to purchase it online, but my Amazon link listed it as unavailable.

"Did she tell you what she said to me?" I asked.

He laughed. "Yes."

"I was really shocked she said that, and then I felt horrible about going in to buy your mom the sweater and walking out with things for me too!"

He looked at me and smiled, "You can buy some clothes for yourself, you know."

Shew. Because I got a pair of shorts, two tanks and a spring cardi.

Lanie's poem. I'm crazy thankful for these kids.

An Overflowing Heart of Love

When I wake up in the morning, I see you downstairs
sitting at the computer with no brush through your hairs.
My heart overflows with love for you.

In the afternoon in our life so sweet
you sometimes surprise us with a little treat.
You homeschool us throughout the day with care,
and you put on such a lovely air.

By evening we've about worn you out
it's plain to see this, without a doubt
but still you embrace your loving husband with kisses,
and make us a dinner which hardly makes us starve.

I love the way you carve your character into ours
and how that wonderful laugh of yours could last for hours.
My heart overflows with love for you.

At night when the air is quiet and dim
we all lie in our warm beds sinking in
the joy that we all had together today
and the thought of the games tomorrow we can play.

As I drift off to sleep with my mind so anew
I think about how much I care for you.
As small a heart that I have in me,
it is full of love and joy and glee.

I never knew how much you could do,
My heart overflows with love for you.

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Nora said...

Oh goodness! Tears! So blessed, my friend, so blessed.

Courtney said...


Thank you, Nora.