Monday, May 16, 2016

Truth, beauty, goodness

Erin couldn't wait till Monday--the first day of summer school. I wanted to keep her going with math throughout the summer, but math seemed more like a chore than something to enjoy. I've been all over different blogs and have loved insight and encouragement from Sarah Mackenzie (a friend told me about her book called Teaching from Rest, and another friend said she'd been following SM for a long time). I also like the stuff I've read and listened to on Everyday Snapshots.

Anyhow. I'm trying to build a Morning Time routine. I explained to Erin that Morning Time was a chance for us to connect in a creative way instead of a math way first thing in the day. We'll probably tweak this, but today it looked like:

  • listen to a song in French and sing along (she wants to take French this school year)
  • say a prayer and read from a devotional on the fruits of the Spirit
  • talk about manners from a book on manners for kids
  • read aloud from a book (Abel's Island by William Steig)
  • memory verse and copy work (Galatians 5:6, NLT)
  • math page
  • activity or art (a game with mom or Shrinky Dinks--she picked activity: Guess Who?)

It took about an hour and a half, not including the game.

Then she's free for the day in the summer, but in the school year, we'll move on to the other subjects. Math will be taken out of Morning Time because we'll be learning new concepts instead of reviewing old ones, along with history, science, language arts.

She was excited to see what the day would hold. I'm hoping Lanie will join in with us, if not this summer, at least by the time we start up in the fall.

I looked at some blogs this morning to help get a better flow for Morning Time, and one blog had the words truth, beauty, goodness. That's how I want to start my days off. Not by rush, hustle, checklist.

Sunday night I was thinking that our first week of summer vacation was over. But then I realized: this is our first (full) week of summer vacation. I want to enjoy every minute of it, and spending time with my kiddos exploring truth, beauty and goodness seems like a peaceful start.

The kids enjoyed a cookie afterwards and now Erin is drawing on the chalkboard. And me? The yard beckons.

But first: CREACLIP!

before: no hair cut since last SEPTEMBER




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