Monday, June 20, 2016

And still counting (8929-8957)

sitting across the table from a beautiful sister in Christ
her encouragement

and the conversation we had that left me feeling seen, understood and refreshed
connecting with someone on a deeper level
our talk on community
textbooks, gifted--such a sweet blessing! Big grins and joyful tears.
the wind chime song in gentle breezes

a new home for birds in the big garden
a quarter cleared
mild temperatures
a chat with Marshall's Mom
texts with Fernanda

an afternoon nap
red flowers in the window boxes

pizza for dinner
a good dog
books in the mail

Erin's cursive writing
a chat with Tracey
a string of sunny days
school shelves organized
a former student's request for reference from me

66 Books
camera 1
laughs with Shane
a good Father's Day
Dad and Lori at the table

a chat with David

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