Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day story

Outside my window, a big pile of mulch to move and dark gray clouds. There's a storm coming. Thunder and winds.
The storm clouds aren't showing up as much in this image.

Giving thanks for time together with my kids. I treasure the time Lanie and Erin spend chatting me; hearing "Mom" as the start of every sentence or question; that whatever space I go to, they follow at some point; and that they love for me to stick around to spend time with them during their TV hour. I'm thankful these kids still like to be around us because we've shown them that we like to be around them.

In the schoolroom, tidied table and a sense of restoration. Most times I can even see the table top! Comfortably cool, with a book ready on the couch. Perfect for relaxing or napping.

From the kitchen, frozen blueberry smoothies topped with whipped cream.

I am creating a garlic and honey remedy for my (not) "swimmer's ear" medical diagnosis. It's allergies and inflammation--this diagnosis from a French major. Remedies from Pinterest and good friends because the medical remedy didn't work. At all.
there's a LOT of garlic in that bowl

I don't ever want to forget this time of life. I love being a wife and mom. I love having my kids at home.
these girls are as different as night and day--the life they bring to our family!

I am working on getting my yard where I want it: weeded and mulched, and reclaiming my house for good. While I'll be spending a good amount of time preparing for our homeschool year coming, I love that the effort goes toward pouring into my kids and home. (I heart home!)

I am reading The Giver by Lois Lowry, mostly. I have several requests to pick up at the library tomorrow. And my "in my face" column has some others I've started and am trying to get through. It's really nice, though, to pick up a book just because.

I am praying. Yes. For lots of things and people, but especially about being a wise woman.

I am hearing my kids talking about favorite shows at the kitchen table. I love their friendship. This will last them their whole lives.

Clicking around--my reading for 66 Books this week, two blogs I follow, curriculum and an ebook. (No affiliate links or other endorsements.)

Around the house, we are finding our summer rhythm. Getting grounded with mulching and gardening; catching up on favorite pastimes like photography, reading for pleasure (ack--the freedom, the utter freedom--and the limitless options!); having great talks with my kids; watching their interests emerge (the book contests, and Erin and her new "water colors" from markers and a wet cloth).
holding it like it's a bird

like this, it made me think of a squirrel (except for the bird legs out the back)

One of my favorite things, the sounds of my neighborhood while I'm working in the yard. A lawn mower in the distance. Birds. A neighbor's laughter. A dog barking playfully at its owner. Tranquil. Peaceful.

A few plans for the next week ... actually, I rather like a former year's promise not to book too much too far in advance. I'm keeping with that strategy so that I'm open for all the great things that come up, or I can choose to chill out at home with the kids and not feel like the days are getting away from me. I hope to make a morning date with a kindred, but that's all I'm carving out at this point.

And my own addition:

At the table, one colander used to wash lettuce, drain spaghetti and drain elbow mac for the kids' mac n cheese. Lanie cracked us up with, "We'll call this the Courtney Special, you get mac and cheese with a spaghetti noodle, a piece of lettuce, and ... a hair!" Apparently whenever I do salad and pasta, there's a piece of lettuce remnant mixed in with someone's pasta serving. And very rarely is there a hair--truth!--but I guess once or twice is memorable.

This post is inspired by my dear friend, Nora, who was inspired by posts by Sarah Mackenzie.

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