Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dear future owner of my house

Dear future owner of my house,

This place might seem like a big bite, but I assure you, you'll get used to it in no time. The green season always seems far away and you'll find yourself anticipating the lush. I always did. I love how green it gets. A friend of mine called this place fruitful, and it is in so many ways.
potted thyme from Linda

cascading beauty of oregano on the herb stand

red for window boxes
blueberry bush, someday

I hope you'll learn to appreciate how the sun feels on your skin, how the breeze refreshes, and what a delight the pockets of field fragrance are. It never gets old, at least, not for me. It is a recurring joy that I'm sure more than once my neighbors have witnessed from their windows--my silly grin. (I started cutting the grass our first spring here as an anniversary gift to my husband, and it fast became a privilege and pleasure to take a task out of his hands.)

This is the life--the woods life, the abundant life.

Today, I sat on the little rolly bench and scooted my way down the walkway picking weeds. There is nothing like the gardens with their full blossoms, mulch thick around them. Something about the abundance of it, a delightful design to eye and heart. My oldest daughter walked alongside while I weeded. She chatted me on and on about her favorite episodes of The Waltons. She told me about the shows that made her cry--and there were many that moved her heart. I loved this time with her (she's thirteen, and just baptized last night).

I wanted you to know how special this work is to me. The weeding, the mowing, the mulching, the planting and the pruning--it's all been heart work, the very hands-on, hands-full caring for a home--relational seeds planted too, time invested in my people (family and friends)--creating a place of beauty and welcome. But also, the beauty and memories of nurturing a family and cultivating relationships--the quiet talks and times together, the splashes, the bonfires, the play dates and the cookouts. It has made us stronger physically, spiritually, relationally.

I grow thankful more and more each year.

I hope you will too.

With love,


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