Friday, July 29, 2016

A box of happiness

Bravewriter inspired me with the idea of poetry magnets. Everyone has heard of poetry magnets. I've seen them plenty of times at friends' homes. It never occurred to me to get them until Julie Bogart's mention of them as a teaching tool.


Face palm.

What a great idea! So I jumped online and found the cutest little, and I mean LITTLE, box of magnets. I was trying to slow down on purchases because I've already spent a lot getting ready for the school year, and I mentally wish listed the magnets. I told my kids about them in passing, and before I know it, Lanie is slipping me cash to buy them for me as a gift.

"You order them," she said. She is generous. I ordered them.

They arrived yesterday, and I opened the little, and I mean LITTLE, box of magnets.

Ack--I love it all

"Can I play with them?" Erin asked.

Insert laughter because: that was the hope and the point!

She enjoyed making up lovely, happy sentences for quite a while. (Happy heart here.)

When I was heading into the living room after the kids went up to bed, I opened the little box to create my own happy sentences. I went to place my sentences on the fridge by Erin's when I saw this and my heart swelled.

When she was such a wee little thing, and I've told her this story before, I was carrying her downstairs one night to refill her sippy cup and I felt a surge of love for her. I told her, "I love you, Erin."

And in her sweet toddler speak, she replied, "I you." It was the first time I remembered hearing her tell me she loved me.

Thank you, little box of happiness.

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