Monday, July 4, 2016

And still counting (8992-9035)

grilled chicken
how she smells like summer when she comes inside
watching The Waltons with Lanie
how she holds my hand

and she tells me she loves me
lesson planning
Nora's text:
"It's amazing what God can do when you get out of his way."
a copy job at Staples
curriculum for writing for Erin

the August art class
a chat with Anita
Lanie subscribed to 66 Books
Kellie at the table
the years of her friendship

our kids' closeness

making Nathan laugh on the walkie-talkie (ordering pizza)
photos with Christy

a long weekend
Denise, always

Lisa and her crew

a bonfire

lightning bugs by the "hundreds", oh, homeschool math

the Aldi's salad
the last of the journals, shredded

a splat face
and early mornings
this place--a year-round wonderland

Satsuma in the rooms

chocolate in the freezer
play dates
the remnant smell of the vegetable plants on my fingers
fancy fabric lengths for bookmarks
Linda at the table

feta cheese in a salad
bird song in the morning and evening
first berries from the field, picked and delivered by Erin
the gorgeous summer skies (and the clouds!)
a Sunday wake up of hunting hawks overhead

Saturday sunny skies
the soft purple blanket after a full day working in the yard
a working filter

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