Monday, July 11, 2016

And still counting (9036-9078)

salad at lunch
flowering hostas
Erin skipping through the field
plums and peaches at the grocery store
Shane's sense of humor

visits with friends
books in the mail
coffee with Kellie
an afternoon thunderstorm
easy friendships

new recipes
Friday night with Linda
the necklace my dad gave me
sweet wine
good finds at Goodwill

tea party plans
a playdate for the girls that gave me a few hours for quiet thought
and how happy I was to have them back with me
pretty fabrics for bookmarks
order on the bookshelves

air conditioning
my hound dog
found things from their younger years
seeing Lisa this week
mashed potatoes for Aspen

a break in the humidity
a job watching dogs for the girls
weeding in the coolness
ripened peaches
late night chatting with Erin

how she often said, "I love you"
and made a wish on the first star she saw
a tea pot
gifted tea party items from Linda
reading "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" aloud

the freedom from subscriptions and social media
and newly found time when a laptop is closed
Aldi's chips
a pool, almost ready
the .45 cent basket perfect for a doll's morning basket

coconut lemon lotion
a gorgeous summer day
improvements in her blood results


Nora said...

Edward Tulane! That was our very first read aloud. We loved it and were in TEARS!

Courtney said...

So rich! Loving it too!