Monday, July 18, 2016

And still counting (9079-9112)

Kristine over for lunch
a rendez-vous with Erica

books in the mail
and new swim suits for Lanie
her four inches and thirty pounds
a good check-up
evening walks with the girls

fruit salad with peppermint from the garden
berry muffins, delish
daisies in the teapot
the purple salute of hosta blossoms
baby owls hollering in the woods

blue water, crystal clear
planners in the mail for a new school year
happiness here
home sweet home
first day splashes
she wanted to be the first one in and the last one out

frog love

and a next day pool event with eleven kids
Linda's new job
ice cream celebration after dinner
a full fridge
in buckets all throughout Wegman's, $5 a bunch--how could I resist?

Edward Tulane

Erin's love note to me on the school table

fun together

love her!

and my girls' longing to be moms one day too
Cubby and Sammy
Erin's glitter winter scene with the pine trees and the fox

vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries

evening walks with my kids
fireworks chocolate at Trader Joe's

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