Saturday, July 23, 2016


Carnival season. Taking the kids out to enjoy the lights and sights. They seemed surprised their dad and I didn't want to whip around with them on the jerky rides. (And yet, somehow, we end up with three wrist bands and before I know it I'm wearing one of them! Designated rider.)

The last time we were there was five years ago, just before we moved in here. David and Anita were with us. A lot can happen in five years. David no longer drives; can't manage stairs well; they are downsizing to a condo next month--the man who put his arm around me five years ago and called me daughter, who oversaw the cleaning of the woods.

We talked about Linda a bit, and what activities she does in retirement. Her devotion to her garden and home. I started to think about how old I'd be when the girls graduate--a form of retirement too, as I've invested my life to date to educating them. And what would the days look like without them?

"You could clean up some of your piles," Shane started. I gave a snort. "Or maybe get that last load out to Goodwill."

I was trying to be serious, thinking about options, and this guy ...

"Maybe get that mulch mound finished ..." he continued to muse. "Or sweep under the couches ..."

I guess there will be a day that I get those tasks finished. But for now, I'll continue to enjoy the interruptions to my housekeeping because I'm keeping up with my kids.

"Those eight years will go by faster than you think," he said.

The first eight certainly have.

We wanted to catch the carnival at dusk to enjoy the lights, but got there early. I think we did the high slides with the burlap bags first. Something about that experience was Erin's undoing. So I coaxed Erin out to try a benign attraction. Some surf shack thing that had a turning tumbler to traverse--easy right? Sure. I went first. No problem. I turned back--Erin refused to enter it. I spent several minutes trying to encourage her to come in--we watched batches of kids come through so she could see their footing.

No luck. I had to go back and either go through it with her, or get her to exit. But before I knew it, I was losing my balance in the tumbler, and quite literally tumbled through this tube all in slow motion. I was laughing so hard because I couldn't right myself, and rolled and splat out of the mouth of it. A mom had walked over to where I was so she could laugh with me. We were belly laughing, and then I saw Shane and Lanie through my (laughing) tears.

"That was you?" he asked. "I thought someone's kid was having trouble when I saw the legs tumbling in the air."

"I knew they were your shoes!" Lanie said.

Good times.

"Something always happens when you're around," Lanie told me. And usually, happens to me. I get that from my mom. I think Erin's a carrier for that gene. (This morning, Shane is still wishing he had videoed the episode.)

As for that attraction--the operator turned off the tumbler so--ahem--Erin could get through safely. Then we stayed until almost closing. Definitely a stiff back this morning, and the kids are sleeping in.

Queue Templeton's song from "Charlotte's Web"

Family selfie fail

Not a fan of the Ferris Wheel, but the view from the top was stunning

Shane's in the white shirt

Gorgeous pinks in the sunset

Still couldn't get a smile out of Erin

Until her happiness kicked in at the end
We talked about how we were at the carnival five years ago.

"I walked this ground when I was four?!" Erin, in awe.

"I was eight," Lanie said.

Yeah, that went fast.

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