Monday, July 4, 2016

Garden and yard

The past few days have been catch up and maintenance in the yard. While Shane trimmed back the neighbor's tree overhang from the driveway, I was push mowing and tractor mowing. Then I did a few hours of mulch hauling.

And then I did a few more hours of it.

Erin joined me today. She wanted to shovel the mulch. I let her.

"This is hard!" she said. "It looked really easy!"

"That's just because my arms have had more practice getting strong. You know, hauling around bags of groceries, carrying a vacuum cleaner and mop bucket around, and all those years I carried you and Lanie!" I said. And it's no joke this place has given me yard arms.

She filled up the wheelbarrow twice. She wanted to push it, and she did. She wanted to spread it, and she did.

Shane came outside carrying a shovel, and my smile grew. The three of us hustled the mulch mound (I think I got twelve yards this year.). Shane loaded the wheelbarrows (we had two going). Erin pushed the wheelbarrows to me, where I emptied them and spread them, gave them back to her, and the cycle continued. We did this for at least two hours, the three of us.

"Ok, two more trips and then I'm done," Erin would tell us. And five trips later (and more!), she was still at it. Maybe because two didn't seem so bad after all. Maybe because there was still so much more ground to cover. Maybe because many hands make light work (AMEN!!!). We accomplished so much.


Earlier in the day I went down to the field to cut the grass.

Erin rode her bike down and parked it at the fence. She asked if she could go into the field, and I said she could if she didn't play where I was cutting. Saw her skipping long and free through the field. Her shirt so bright and pink. She skipped and twirled all over the place.

Independence day.

from last night; she is like a dancer

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