Friday, July 1, 2016

In the course of a day

We ran around a lot today. Lanie had to give blood for labs to see if we have been successful keeping gluten away from her (fingers crossed!), and she was so stressed over the blood draw. It turned out to be much better than she expected. Now we wait to see the specialist.

I spent a crazy amount of time on the phone with the insurance company.

We went by Goodwill and dropped off the closet purge.

Then we went by BJs to buy a whole lot of hot dogs.

After lunch, the kids and I went by Christy's to do a quick food shoot. (Lanie and I were absolutely giddy over the edits tonight!)

my very favorite from the shoot
Library run. Finally home (and a catnap). I had cancelled Linda for dinner because I knew the errands were going to have me out all day, and I didn't have a dinner plan. But she didn't get the message and showed up at five.

"I hope you aren't disappointed! I'm making spaghetti (which she doesn't eat). But I'll make a big salad?!" Lucky for leftover barbecue chicken. She said it was really good. We had such a nice time together that I'm glad she didn't get the message. Love just beamed from her eyes. She gave me the biggest hug goodbye.

She's thinking of joining us for Tuesday tea during the school year.

"You have to bring a poem!" I told her.

"Ok," she said, in thought.

I went upstairs tonight to kiss Erin goodnight. Lanie called out to me. She showed me Erin's latest story. She sat on her bed howling with laughter, holding her sides.

Later on the couch, I remembered to add straws to the grocery list because Linda likes them.

A weekend still ahead, and company around the table again soon.

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