Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I think my kids spent nearly the whole day in the water.

It started with an always favorite at our house--Marshall's Mom and the kiddos. Good, hot July weather. Splashing blue. Erin mustered the courage to stick her head under the water. And then she put her whole body under the water. And THEN she wouldn't stop.

Fishy fishy all day, that girl.

Even after our friends' farewell, I had a quick coffee break and took my kids back out. I floated along in the inner tube, and Erin and Lanie splashed and went under. Erin put on goggles and laughed and laughed at the underwater delight of bubbles, and yelling secrets under water.

Laughed so much.

"Oh! A wishy!" she exclaimed as a floating wish sailed by. "I wish every day was like today!" The joy.

When Shane came home from work, she spoke in exclamation.

"Daddy! Come to the pool!"

She jumped in and went under.

She swam across and was under.

She slid down and went under.

"I knew you could do it!" Shane said. And to Lanie, "She's just like you the first year here."

Lanie smiled.

"We've been at the pool the whole day," I told him.

And guests daily all week. Making up for the lost time.

"I think we should have some celebration ice cream," Erin said, for the fourth time.

That girl.

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