Monday, August 1, 2016

And still counting (9151-9198)

at the meeting, in time
low flying geese, southbound
their honking at dusk
Kelly T and the girls over for the afternoon
happy magnets in the mail
Thank you, Lanie!

a smile to a stranger
and realizing soon after she was not a stranger
Erin's message on the fridge

Nora's cookies
the couches at the library
a close relationship with Lanie
Erin's spazzy dances at the grocery store
tea in the mail

peppermints from Trader Joe's
Trader Joe coffee pods
good talks with my man
evening walks holding pinkies (and sometimes hands) with Lanie
the years, restored

neighbors we love
and neighbors who love us back
little silver-plated tea spoons
shiny, golden duct tape for book binding
a phone call and friendship with Marshall's Mom

black-eyed Susans everywhere
cucumbers on the vines
and that the dog hasn't discovered them yet!
my kids' hearts for hospitality
a call from my dad

and her outing with her sister
pool splashes
inner tubes
home, sweet home

talks with Kellie
our kids' friendships
a swim date with Rebecca and her kids
lots of frogs for little hands
Erin swimming in the deep without floaties

the old roads in big sky
a VBS revisited
squashes in the garden
yellow grape tomatoes in our salads
hawk sightings

Nella's happy Saturday bone dance
good sleep
summer reading

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