Monday, August 8, 2016

And still counting (9199-9262)

a green pepper harvested before my dog got it

fireworks chocolate
birthday wishes to David at 82 years
that he is one of my greatest loves

my dad
five years here, this home
art camp for Erin


the art teacher's delightful dogs
the kale salad from Walmart
food shoots

a whiteboard for the school room

long thoughts on friendship

Lisa and her family
Marshall's Mom and her family
David and Anita

friends in neighbors
Nora, an encouragement
Becky P's faithful prayers
Kellie, all these years

a kindred in Rebecca
for far away sisters in Christ who hold me up in prayer
the hard thoughts in light of the cross
a $7 planning book

morning hours in modern history, planning
a soft purple blanket
Trader Joe's coffee pods, still, yum
checks (outgoing) in the mail
a dance season for two girls

the tree canopy on the drive home
mints in the car with Erin
bookshelves organized
back-to-school mason jars and organization boxes
sharpened color pencils, new markers and crayons

a paper mache owl on the bookshelf
a discount on car service
a big stack of paper plates
a new dishwasher
the tremendous fruit bounty brought by Linda

summer harvests
sunflowers in a vase
cupcakes with strawberry marshmallow frosting
a number 5 candle
the lazy flight of butterflies over the pool

Lanie, a young lady
Erin's goofy moves while we were dishwasher shopping
a cleared off school table
a basement purge
reclaiming home

a salad with vegetables from the garden
ice water
crickets chirping near the pool
the sound of night creatures singing out
texts with Cindy

hot tea in a mug
and thank you, friend xoxo

the difference here makes

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