Monday, August 15, 2016

And still counting (9263-9304)

a really good laugh on a really brisk walk
a dishwasher, ordered
days to put things in order

piano music from Erin's hands
phone time with Nora
thoughts on community
bags of items to purge
texts with Julie

and a mom-to-mom visit
prayer with a friend
windows cleaned
found things from boxes sealed five years ago
the feeling of clean

cucumbers in a salad and not in my dog's belly
Erin's handfuls of grape tomatoes
gluten-free chocolate pudding
snacks in fridge

Olympic inspiration at the pool
swim party of ten plus three
Lisa at the pool
good friends
a nap

a date with Denise
a message in my inbox from Dad
a call from Anita
a letter to David
poems by Rebecca

"the quiet arms of trees"
cards exchanged from little hands to little hearts
summer feet
delicious, fragrant hints from the woodstove
a glass of red on a Saturday night

a movie with my man
thoughts on The Bucket List, Allen, tears
the cold swallow of vanilla ice cream in a cone
peaches, blueberries and mint
super glue

the dishwasher installed--welcome home, lovely!
Chipotle for lunch
an evening walk with Shane
a beautiful day

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