Monday, August 22, 2016

And still counting (9305-9336)

summer splashes with friends

an evening ride on the tractor to cut grass
a morning reveille of hawk song
a family of deer trespassing
a prayerful meeting of homeschool families
the generous gift of free textbooks--hello, French 1

a quick visit with Kristine
sharing memories with Amy
school enthusiasm with a new homeschool mom
plans to get together to discuss schooling philosophies and nitty gritty
Rebecca for tea on a stormy night

a Wegmans field trip with Sandy
real talks, overdue
Marshall's Mom

hugs with Lanie
early wake-up routines
audiobooks (Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv)
a book win! Yahoo! Yippee!

packages in the mail
and books in the mail too
the look of a freshly mowed lawn
mints in the car with Erin
a really good dressing

Trader Joe's dark roast coffee
a schooling season in view
seriously good reads
the drenching drumming of a hard rain on a Sunday afternoon
new recipes to try

her song in the downpour

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