Monday, August 29, 2016

And still counting (9337-9371)

homemade pickles
specially delivered by a neighbor
driveway chats
good life

a homeschool mom brainstorm
lunch on the patio
ice water
lesson planning
a home focus

a night walk with Lanie holding hands
and a Walton's episode
hard decisions
Marshall's Mom
a pool coverup from Amy

thoughts about a last summer week
reminders of goals and reasons
an author signed book in the mail--freebie!
sitting poolside with Erin, feet in the water

new understanding, however (truly) difficult
a meet up with a friend and the golden tea spoons she purchased
broccoli salad, gifted from Rebecca
yard sale browsing with Linda
the owl ring for Erin for $2

a bento book in the mail
poetry tea Pinterest finds for Tuesday plans
air conditioning
talks of a log splitter, the joy!
reminiscing old posts with Lanie

gardens getting tidied for fall
crickets in the morning
cicadas at night
a chill in the water
that hound

a good sermon

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