Wednesday, August 10, 2016


A weekly shopping run. Purchases of pretzels, puddings, fruit cups, cheese sticks--the snacky things for these last weeks of summer vacation, and some for the coming school year.

"You got pudding?!" Lanie exclaimed. "There's gluten-free pudding? I thought I'd never have that again." The prepackaged kind. I have been know to occasionally make homemade pudding, even once using avocados.

"It's gluten free," I confirmed. "Do you want chocolate or vanilla?"

But I knew.

Erin and Lanie were both into pudding even before their lunch, and you would think that today was the best day ever. I had one after my lunch, and it was good.

Grocery day is pretty exciting, especially when I come home with new things. While the grapes were sweet and juicy, and the pudding smooth and creamy, I'm happy about the thought of the cans of tomatoes and tomato paste and tomato sauce that I got for fall soups. This morning, picking peppers in the garden and thinking of stuffing them. A handful of grape tomatoes on the counter for a salad.

Enjoying the hidden sizzle and pop, the heat of a Fireworks bar. And then out into the summer heat to finish the mulch mound.

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