Saturday, August 6, 2016


Yesterday we celebrated a lot of things.

Erin's work from art camp.

I love the whimsy of her work.

Full of life.

Kellie's birthday--swimming, Mexican layer dip, the gooiest-best chocolate brownies.

Our five years here.

Linda came by bearing an armload of bounty: brie, melons, farmer's market berries--the blackberries were the biggest, ripest ones I'd seen all summer!

We ate like little piggies--burgers on the grill, lettuce wrapped with tomatoes and onions and cheese; potato salad and fruit salad; cheese and crackers. Dessert was vanilla cupcakes with strawberry marshmallow icing and scoops of ice cream.

"Would you like ice cream?" I asked Linda.

"Yes!" she smiled.

"And a cupcake too?" I asked.

"Yes!" she said. "It's a party. I came ready!"

Cupcakes and ice cream for all. Bellies bursting, we went for a walk where the mailbox used to be. And then we walked back down the driveway and all around the field. We sat on the patio brick wall and I loaded her arms with yellow squashes for my dad.

We talked about art camp. We talked about her new job this fall. We talked about these years here and the Friday night dinners.

"This has meant a lot to me," she told me, her words full. Five years of Friday night dinners. A place where she was welcome and included, safe and loved.

Living here has opened doors to such a deep relationship with her. Her weekly presence in my kids' lives is shaping their view of their future homes where friends fill the table. My kids grow up expecting they will also have Friday night dinners with friends like family crowding around a table. All of this came about because we are here and she was here

"It's meant a lot to us too. You mean a lot to us. The kids are taking all this in and it's already shaping their families and homes," I told her.

Celebrating this time--so full, bursting. Not just bellies, but hearts.

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