Monday, September 26, 2016

And still counting (9401-9438)

for butterflies gifted--Autumn, Abilene, Edie, Ken, Melody, Baxter, Ashley, and Mr. Shane
tea with Anita

delighted little hands and cheers for flights to Mexico
a note from Jennifer about butterfly friends
snoballs in the freezer

morning walks with Erin
schooling at home
meeting a new neighbor I've wanted to meet
a Bible study
texts with Amy

science on the swing
experiments in the kitchen
orange ginger mint tea
pumpkin spice coffee
sweet bell peppers

that Lanie taught Erin how to braid
fun updo's
book discussions with teenagers
southbound geese
a pool, closed for the season

a cupcake with Becky
her hugs in the parking lot
friendship, celebrated
the steep road that led into the woods
mailboxes in line, and sunshine upon them

a first fix for a tooth

and hopefully another fix soon
friends to carpool my kid
tea with Kellie
Autumn Story
our new mailbox

worship at church
cherry pit warmers
hugs from my kids
our new rhythm
woods life

a honk and a wave from neighbors
hints of a former season's woodsmoke seeping from the fireplace


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