Monday, September 19, 2016

And still counting (9435-9472)

good Hoopla recordings (listening to Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst)

our favorite whistle song in the grocery store
baby chicks in hand
Monarch butterfly chrysalises as house guests for a bit
pumpkin spiced tea on the grocery store shelf
(and now in my cabinet)

dusk falling sooner
the slow fall of leaves
piano music in the rooms
a thank you note from Ann

her daughter's excitement over literature

my daughter's excitement over literature too
Trader Joe's peppermints
fabric for sewing projects
friends over for last swims
five miles walked
a morning out with Erin

French onion dip and potato chips
Becky at the house
her hug and friendship
a Wednesday out with my girls
a chocolate Frosty

1984 on Playaway
books in the mail
hot tea in a favorite mug
a full moon making its way above treetops
holding hands with Erin on a walk

her hugs
dance for two

a picnic in the field with favorite friends
Linda at the table
a Sunday morning feast

homemade waffles
a morning nap
last of the season's snoballs
books from the library

an after dinner walk with Lanie
good talks

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