Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In the happy

Morning walk with Erin, holding hands.

A quick run for groceries, and all of us carrying things inside ... Lanie curious what goodies we purchased ... and requests that I make her lunch. (Usually, Lanie makes her own lunch. Some days, Erin does too. But today, they want me to do it. Grilled cheese sandwiches and sliced apples.)

Four new butterflies joined the sky today. We held them, and they stayed with us so long that Erin took her lunch outside to visit with them. Their names: Melody, Ken, Ashley, and Baxter (after David and Anita's dog who was put down today.).

Read alouds about Monarchs and their flight to Mexico. We learned so much.

Walking trash cans up to the road, three of us. And the three of us, holding hands in one line on the way back.

Kellie wishing me a great day, and my response: "I'm so happy to be home this year!" Education going so deep, even the kids notice. And I notice so much more. An awakening.

Erin's return to the piano; her happiness as she plays "Ode to Joy" and she knows I love that one  best. "This song is impossible!" she exclaims delightedly, and yet she plays it again and again and again and finds herself practicing later because of her own joy.

A science experiment at the kitchen island.

A waggy dog and a bone.

Erin in my arms grieving Baxter's passing, and a science reading put on hold to hold her. Later, I show her the art supplies for nature journals, and she is ready to start. She wipes her tears. She finds an acorn on the ground for her first image and description. Lanie overhears and asks, "Can I do one too?"
  "Yes," I tell her.
  "Does it count for the review?" she asks.
  "No," I reply. She already is following a science curriculum. This year we added on other things outside the requirements that the kids enjoy without feeling any pressure: logic, Latin, French, science nature journals.

We make popcorn for an afternoon snack, and Erin asks for explicit instructions on how to make coffee so she can make me a birthday breakfast. "I like toast too," I tell her with a smile.

She plays "Ode to Joy" on the highest tinsel keys and it rings out like a life's soundtrack.

Thank you, God.

butterfly container in background and the word home in my hands

this open winged one is a male--see the black dot on the veins of the lower wings?

Lanie holds a butterfly

Things that made me smile (or laugh out loud):

~Erin's remembrance of reading Longfellow's Paul Revere's Ride and I hear her chanting a riding warning, "Courtney, beware! Run into your pantry!" And it was so odd and funny that we laughed out loud.

~Lanie telling Shane about the science experiment ... "And we used your water glass," she said, as he was sitting down to dinner and drinking from his water glass. "What?!" he asked. "We got you a new one!" she told him. So funny.

~An unexpected sweet treat (gluten free at a local bakery), split with a friend. I thought our coffee date was just a mom date. She had other plans for me!
Celebrating friendship


borgerfam said...

I love everything about this - including the grinning little man (dwarf?)in your header. So cute, he makes me laugh out loud. All smiles! A hundred loves.

Courtney said...

A hundred thanks! Love you, friend! Did you notice that white at the top of his cap? Courtesy of my dog, who thought it looked like a tasty chew.