Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Taking back Tuesday

I'm glad our first day started today--a Tuesday.

We eased into a light load, like a toe testing the water.

Walked with Erin through neighboring streets and listened to birds sing. Listened to her delightful run-on chatter. Did a morning basket and read aloud (James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. "Mom, can you keep reading?" she asked. And I obliged.)

We're taking back Tuesday. They used to be stressful crunch days, full of rush and rigor and hustle. Today, we had tea.
home sweet home

my mom's wedding china--over sixty years old

Tuesday tea with poetry

And when we did writing, she was full of glee.

She handed me a box before we started, and inside were little gifts. (Gifts are her love language, to be sure, but so is all the rest. This kid is full of love.) There was a lovely sunset (or sunrise) picture she drew with a 3-d heart of love. A die ornament to hang from the Christmas tree, and a sweet reminder of my Great Books fun last year. A book mark we used today in our read aloud. And a beaded image of a face.

I had a gift for her and Lanie too--besides making special notebooks and planners, a Beanie Boo each and a homemade loaf of chocolate coconut bread to awaken hearts and tummies.

She's playing the piano now, and a delightful breeze blows through open windows. Hearts are happy.

Yes, we are taking back a lot of things, and not just Tuesdays.

This year, a home focus, and treasuring our time together.

Today's lunch, in the field, under the walnut trees.

There's no place like home.


Nora said...

I love this! Yay!

Courtney said...

Me too! Love! Yay! Love you!