Monday, October 3, 2016

And still counting (9439-9474)

power strips that took the hit
simple days without cable or internet

quenching rain
long sleeve shirts
fuzzy socks
cinnamon scented candles
cherry pit warmers

science experiments gone awry
piano lessons
mums for sale
tea parties scheduled
yeses in the inbox

letters in the mail
a mailbox of our own
neighborhood walks holding hands
all the hugs

our dog for four years

life celebrations

pumpkin spiced everything

happy wishes that mean more and more as years go by
good friends

good news
sushi for lunch
drizzle days
home, sweet home
light-up shoes for Erin

did I say ice cream?
texts with Michi
caramel apple tea
watching movies with my man
camera 1

a Sunday nap
Miss Jill's visit for Lanie
inspiration for book binding

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