Monday, October 10, 2016

And still counting (9475-9506)

sunshine returned
Miss Suzanne at the table
orange ginger mint tea
tidy spaces
a field trip with friends

phone chat with Lisa

texts with Nora
returned zeal for piano
Marshall's Mom on the calendar
steak on the grill
a last grape tomato from the vine

a tote bag, completed
a bench on a farm
the sunny skies

and drizzle days
grilled cheese and tomato soup

Nicole at the table
good reads
tears over Barnabas and Paul
and a God who went wholly with each

for fruit from broken things
a chipmunk sighting in the front yard
foraging squirrels
apples in a green bowl
a Beth Moore study

familiar faces in a women's group
a church home
gusty autumn winds
leaves raining


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