Monday, October 17, 2016

And still counting (9507-9532)

the honking sounds of southbound geese
foggy mornings
hot chocolate with whipped cream

under blanket read alouds

visits with friends this week
thankful for true friends
besties since kindergarten
I love their mamas just as much as I love these kids

hearts feeling full
errands with Erin

her welcome home the next morning
our hound dog

scavenger hunts, still
the pinkest of icings
birthday song

full moon drives for lettuce that lead to heart to heart talks
the crows

camera at church
the view from camera 3; later jumped to camera 2

Marshall's Mom
Beckie W

Becky P

a pastor stopping me and his intentional words that burrowed deep into my heart
an opportunity to get more involved in service

a former student bee-lining for me and the words she said that I will cherish
this girl, and fourteen years of motherhood she has brought me

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