Monday, October 24, 2016

And still counting (9533-9567)

three women with large-print bibles
shopping for readers with Erin
Erin picked the last two

pumpkin bread

Friday morning online dates
the doctor who delivered my babies
windows-open weather
the moment the piano teacher began to play "Carol of the Bells"
Christmas music

history videos in the afternoon (Mozart, Abraham Lincoln)
this homeschool life
literature discussions with teens
and how Lanie wants to continue the talks throughout the week
the writers on 66 Books

Little Women
and limes at the table
the laughs and puckers
hospitality, blooming
Cindy's prayer

God's answer
video team community
cookies at Wegmans
my shopping girl

Wegman's cookies, as big as a hand


a flame, fanned
a calendar filling with community
woods walking with Erin
cooling autumn winds
a hound
Hound Love

Friday wines

the smell of the wood stack
puffy vests
this wonderland
the crunch of fall leaves under foot
sounds of my childhood

no place like home

I love all the seasons here

Lanie's hugs
friends to photograph

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