Monday, October 3, 2016

Apples in a green bowl

There were two casualties in our move here: a green colored decorative plate we hung in our kitchen (a wedding gift), and a green bowl I got in a trio set from Walmart. The biggest green bowl in the set sat in the middle of our kitchen island full of apples--a cheap staging attempt that I rather liked on a regular basis. (Once after a house showing, I came home and several apples were missing! I thought that it was odd and funny. During another showing, which turned into our sale, I think Shane beat me home and pulled a gag of sneaking out apples to suggest that the prospective buyers were snacking. He fessed up and it was a good laugh.) Anyway, that big bowl didn't make it here. I felt kind of bummed, because it was a good size. One might say, perfect for apples displayed on the island.

Today, Erin comes running in from outside yelling, "Mom! Nella is eating an apple!"

Puzzling, because we have no apples outside.

I look out the back door and see a bag of apples inside a larger container.

Immediately, I knew who the apples were from. She and her husband go get apples from a favorite farm every fall. She has gifted the apples to me in the past, along with her very own recipe for the best ever apple pie. She had posted a picture on Facebook over the weekend, which I had liked. I knew exactly where she had been, and how much she enjoyed those apples. I never imagined I would get to be the recipient again of such bounty.

Well, minus one, thanks to my dog.

I brought them inside and removed the plastic from the container, only to find the biggest green bowl.

I love it because it's green. I love it because it's vintage (just like our house!). I love it because it's from Cindy. I love it because it was full of apples. I called her to thank her and asked why she didn't knock on the door--but she didn't want to interrupt our schooling. We chatted about stuff, and I hope she'll join us for a Tuesday tea sometime this fall.

Today was just a regular Monday of schooling.

Get this.

We were doing spelling or something and the sun was shining and Lanie was fixing a pot of rice and I was preheating the oven for a pizza for Erin and thinking about the afternoon of teaching and laundry and tidying up and ... in the middle of this regular Monday, something really wonderful happened. It reached into my heart and opened up the years and opened up the gratitude and stopped me short in wonder.

A gift of apples in a green bowl.

Given to me by the woman who lived in the house before me.

I am just stunned.

Apples overflowing and this bowl--enormous!--and a tea guest tomorrow and perhaps an apple walnut cake and a soon search for (gluten free) pie crust, because I MISS Cindy's apple pie warm out of the oven and cold for breakfast.

Thank you, God, for the richest gifts in simple packages. Apples in a green bowl.

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