Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Sewing is not my thing. I bought a sewing machine at our other house with grand goals of making two-story long curtains for the family room. That never happened. (Oh gosh, the time I tried to make curtains for Zach's room as a surprise when we decorated his space. Those curtains were a mess. He actually hugged me and thanked me sincerely when I bought store curtains and hung them up later!) Shane helped me to make Roman shades for our bedroom. It turned out, he did all the measurements and figuring for me, I pushed the fabric through the sewing machine.

I'm truly ok with this. He has his strengths (math things and figuring to name a few), I have mine. So, enter The Best Homeschool Year Ever, (I mean that part! That's another story.) and my grand goals of teaching the girls how to sew. Which means I have to learn too.What I lack in ability, I more than make up for in enthusiasm and perseverance. Lanie's project: a tote for music. Erin's project: the tea cozy. 

I found a good tutorial online that had pretty clear directions and pictures. I need that stuff. I wrote out the directions, as I usually tend to skim them and wing things. I made myself, painstakingly, follow the directions. I did. Well, to a point. And I tried not to get frustrated when the girls talked to me about all kinds of things that had nothing to do with tea cozies, measurements, or pairing right sides. They obviously don't understand the quiet and focus I need in tedious tasks. (As for the math part, I winged it when it came to seam allowance. Mostly because I didn't have my readers on. And because I might not have cared about being exact.)

Template cut. Fabrics cut. Things pinned. Lines sewn. Iron out (snicker). Pieces ironed. And then the assembly. It turns out that I mostly made the tea cozy (really, there was lots of stuff that happened with turning and stuffing and things, that it is truly an enigma this thing turned out, and turned out to be functional in my hands), and Erin wants to practice straight lines and understanding pedal speed before we do the next one.

There's always room for another cozy.

First try.

straight edge

this little mouse

first try

It fit!

Ready for tea! But first, coffee.

We're certainly not going into business over this because fabric is costly. And MATH and intense CONCENTRATION and DIRECTIONS. Although with one down, I suspect any future cozies won't take nearly as long.

I see fall and Christmas prints. And maybe something deep red and floral for Valentine's Day.

Truly grateful to women who put up step-by-step instructions with pictures. I admire their great talent and patience. Bravo to them all! Kudos! Godspeed! Amen! And truly grateful to my kids who waited patiently for weeks for me to get myself together to pull out the measure tape and sewing machine.

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