Saturday, October 1, 2016


fears and concerns removed in the morning

a drizzly day that didn't feel depressing or down, but delightful--so delightful

a grocery run with Erin--her big cookie, my sushi lunch to-go

her light-up shoes just delivered and on hold at the store. The cashier, "Would you like a bag for your shoe box?" And my reply on her behalf, "Yes!" Because I know she'd feel so special carrying a package of her own in a crisp brown bag with handles. Little feet lighting the way, and I am glad she is nine-going-on-ten and still loves the twinkle and sparkle and glitter of girlie things.

messages, texts, cards, calls and visits throughout the day. Life-giving words and love spoken over me. One of the first of the day, from my dad. My heart needed that.

Lanie's former math tutor came by to see Lanie and made my girl's heart beam

schooling in the afternoon, math pages, grammar test, vocabulary, history.

Ann stops by so fun and hands me a bag of sensory wonder. The cards she and Zoe made--equally wonderful.

a dear friend's daughters' birthdays to celebrate, and we return home later to five kinds of ice cream and full bellies.

"The Good Dinosaur" with Erin cuddled next to me. Later a glass of wine with my man.

Lanie's gift--a book on community; Erin drew and framed a bald eagle; the donut pans for gluten-free concoctions for Tuesday teas; and the three-tier stand I spied, so silvery, so lovely--from the 1940s, shipped from England, and probably host to celebrations and teas from a country where tea and time together is a way of life.

Oh, I didn't care that it rained at all. It made the coffee warmer and sweeter. It made the homecoming more welcoming. It made the friendships and wishes all the more brighter.

Waking today to more rain and a homeward focus. The couch calls with a warm blanket. History to be read and readied for coming weeks. A pumpkin spice coffee first, and a robust regular to chase it. Thankful for another day, another year. Thankful.


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