Monday, November 7, 2016

And still counting (9581-9620)

dancing with Erin across the school room floor
read alouds on the couch, a fourth grade classroom
The couch--our 4th grade classroom

stunning sunrises through the woods on a Thursday

Stunner of a sunrise
pancakes for breakfast
how she recited Proverbs 31 from memory when I was reading it out loud

cross stitch kits
Cross stitch!

really good school days
dead ends
and a glimpse over the guardrail
armloads of wood to stack

warm spells
a full fridge
bible study
Viviana and her family at dinner
Erin at Vivi at the end of the night

giggles and games in the backyard
running into Janine at the store

Peeps. Readers.
library runs with my kids
tacos for dinner

gluten-free stuffing mixes
that I get to live here
November's moody skies--LOVE!
good talks with Julie

Erin's song as she practices Christmas carols
and overhearing her singing in the car on our errands
cottage pie
that man of mine

hot pillows
hugs with my kids
Erin taking the book and reading to me
Huge progress. So meaningful and affirming.

the precious privilege of being called into someone's darkness
emails with Suzanne
tea cups, tea and kindred hearts
a full dinner table
long-time friends

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