Monday, November 14, 2016

And still counting (9621-9652)

a care package to send away
gifted cookie mix to us
Satsuma in the rooms
enchilada soup leftovers for lunch
hot tea in the afternoon

green smoothies
a first fire
fireworks at three in the morning
warm rooms
a girls' knitting group

Sweet bunch of friends

Erin was still at it that night!

Julie on a Friday morning
cheese and crackers with Christy
a sunset with Rebecca
clouds on fire
the heavy, warm, winter fleece blanket

soft petals of hydrangeas
thanksgiving poetry
a 66 Books meet up
a history with Teri
breakfast for dinner, two nights in a row

rough edges, smoothing
the video team
a view from the director's room
Dave L's leadership and example
Trader Joe's pizza crust

truly like watching a conductor of a visual symphony

an afternoon jaunt to the theater
Shane came too! Family fun.

a full moon spotlight on the ride home

heat in the house
hot tea

that man of mine
her first knitted hat, completed

She's been wearing this hat EVERYWHERE! She's so proud she finished!

Not complete without a selfie with the dog.

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