Monday, November 28, 2016

And still counting (9686-9726)

Lanie helping to cook in the kitchen
pecan pie
fuzzy light
a full table

drizzly mornings
fires in the fireplace
handmade blankets by my dad
read alouds
hot cocoa

Michi's visit
flowers gifted

her kind words
good coffee
talks with Diona

the art teacher
Michelle and Nadiya
pumpkin muffins, gobbled

a week off
a home focus
good laughs
Marshall's mom

quiet time
Christmas carols
fox socks
kids' crafts

kettle corn

ornament shopping
a tree up

Rudy, remembered, as we hung ornaments
breakfast for dinner
that man of mine

for Jane, mother and grandmother
her pats of butter to a little boy
her memory of each of her four kids' birth weights
how she called Shane a "lucky boy"
for her rest, peace and wholeness in Christ


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