Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Taking back Tuesday

Friends over yesterday, and lots of play! Erin and Vivi were besties in kindergarten. Vivi's mom and I formed a fast friendship, and I love that we pick up even a year later like not a day has passed between us.

They stayed for dinner. Happy heart.

My kids slept in a little later today. First day of November. And sometimes I think November is my favorite month--enter the brown season: hibernating, hot drinks, hot pillows, fireside read alouds, sunrises through the woods. I don't mind the barren landscape, or the howling winds, or the moody skies. Something about November underscores the warmth of home.

A former neighbor's grandmother and I used to write each other (until her death). She sent me a poem about November years ago, and I read it still.

November is host to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I love a full table, a warm house, a full belly, and family. I've been a grateful host to the holiday for as long as I've been married. We are in our second year of gluten-free eating. I haven't started thinking of a menu yet.

Today, a Tuesday, we hunkered down and huddled close to homeschool. Erin and I on the schoolroom couch, hot pillows, the purple blanket. Reading "My Side of the Mountain", a science lesson on nesting and nests (how timely), and a book of autumn-themed poetry (Autumnblings by Douglas Florian). I loved how Erin laughed at its whimsy and noticed details in the accompanying art. She even read some of the lines to me, and that is huge progress in comfort and confidence.

One poem about Thanksgiving and passing around the food-laden plates. Erin had her own twist, this picky eater who boycotts most of the holiday dinner. She laughed and howled, her face scrunched up in the most delightful way--so joyful. She can't wait to tell her dad all about her favorite poems in the book, and her new twist on one.

And this is why we are home. Slowly, happily, safely, building her up. Taking back Tuesday.

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