Monday, December 19, 2016

And still counting (9783-9822)

evanlaar's yes to 2017
a skate night for Erin and friends
sitting with Becky

heat from the woodstoves
pinks in the sunrise
home, sweet home
good words for the new year
cards in the mail from people we love

the video team people
hot oatmeal in a mug
a new tea
Anita and David
Dad and Linda

his day off
shampoo on sale
a break from classes
Comfort and Joy tea in a mug

a holiday performance of a favorite read
a family outing

lasagna for dinner
the sound of ice raining
as I'm covered and warm in bed

opportunity to pray into someone's darkness
book reads (and reads to be) with friends
the gift Zoe gave me
a carpool load of kids
Lake and Lodge coffee pods

Ceal's hugs
The Nutcracker
Kathy's hug

seats with friends
snow on stage
peanut butter blossoms
a pretty dress for Erin on her birthday
Marshall's mom

Neil's yes
the precious privilege to enter someone's grief

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