Monday, December 26, 2016

And still counting (9823-9868)

my Christmas miracle
the scarf my dad crocheted in the Tunisian pattern

a crochet date on the calendar of the new year

a mug of hot cocoa with him
and groceries to give him on his way out
his blue eyes
his weathered and old hands
hugs with Linda

baskets delivered
my church
a January line up on the blog
a ninth year through the Bible
knitting hats with Erin

creamy, sweet coffee
familiar roads
a tea party with a new friend
turned play date in the basement
green gifts for the neighbors

Advent readings on the couch with Erin
Lanie's hugs throughout the day
coffee in a mug
Jeneane's spread of cookies on the kitchen island
that she is a sister in Christ

cinnamon flavored coffee
a foggy Christmas Eve
familiar faces of team at church
a sense of belonging
oatmeal raisin cookies

the glow of Christmas lights
clean clothes
a full fridge

good neighbors
the gorgeous blankets my dad made
socks on my feet
sweet gifts
good sleep

a feast for four
a chat with Tracey
unexpected gifts
packages that still require some assembly

this house full of love
the difference here makes

Christmas Eve book opening

goofing around

THIS GUY! Direction reader, gift assembler, heart throb--those readers! Swoon.

We made a feast for four in the dining room.

My big girl who wanted to selfie with mama. Not saying no to that. I love her!

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