Monday, January 23, 2017

And still counting (9948-9979)

friends for tea
our first doll tea party

blueberry muffins

and dolls, accompanied
sweet girls, sweet dolls

drizzle days

playing in the house
the poems they chose (and, oh, when she read the one Lanie wrote)
friendship through these years
hot drinks
hot fires

Christy's funny (mouse) video
sleepovers with friends
a dinner out with my guy

garlic on pizza
the way we're all piled into a room together

her book recommendations
hard talks that bring about good
the writers on 66 Books
a photo gig with a friend
toughened fingertips from ukulele practice

the cyst, disappearing
lots of steps this week
my first all greens!

the ability to function on 3 hours of sleep
and the delight of a night of 10+ hours of sleep
Linda at the table

ice cream celebrations
witnessing a historic moment online with Erin (the inauguration)

for a friend's mention of scripture that takes me back to our first spring here, and the word RESTORE that calls out to me in so many ways
God can give back all those years. He has. And he will continue to do so. And I thank him for my sadness, because it has brought an even greater joy. RESTORE
blueberries and blackberries at the store
texts with Christy on the weekend

camera 1
working with a great Sunday team (Dave, John, and Tom--plus hellos with Doug and Casi)

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