Monday, February 6, 2017

And STILL counting (10,001-10,035)

the comfort and prayers of friends
challenges and obstacles that build endurance
a eulogy
beautiful flowers
a room full of friends and family

roses and lilies
strength to get it done
old roads home
a bakery
a hug from the ages
I used to hustle bread at this place back in the college days.

walking around the old block with Erin
I didn't knock on the door this time. And I walked really slowly around the block. Home.

the view from the bridge
I used to ride my bike over this bridge

no traffic
time to sight see

good sleep
good coffee
good food
good friends
good words

good life
hearts of the hearts he leaves behind scattered across his heart
back road rides home
mountain views
that home is multidimensional

tears of gratitude for precious friends
strongholds broken
a gluten-free dinner cooler--meals for a week at least!

an afternoon drive by myself
new lipsticks, favorite shades
phone chats with Lori
that You make all things new

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