Monday, February 13, 2017

And still counting (10,036-10,068)

warm days, like spring
schooling outside

deep breaths and long walks
Erin alongside, everywhere
Lanie's resilience
sleep-in days

Your strength
Your compassion
Your power
Your provision
that I'm Yours

meals for the week from Marshall's Mom
a visit with  my sister
Miss Pat at Wegmans
double socks
the softness of rose petals

Joel's voice
spider plants from Cindy
these days
the cyst, gone

canned goods from Joanne
black tea with honey
a love note from Lanie
gifts from Rebecca
a country drive in my dad's car

running into Dave B at The UPS Store
a hug from Katie A at the post office
Tracey on the phone
creamy coffee

gf French toast for dinner
the video team
my dad's face, still, on the sidebar

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