Monday, February 20, 2017

And still counting (10,069-10,107)

flowers from a neighbor
their Valentines for my kids
they made a hilarious Valentine's date video--these two!

and a special Valentine for me from Pamela
hot fires
snowflakes outside the lawyer's window
meeting Drew
thank you notes and a card for Linda, mailed

the hard questions
the stillness and wait of no answer
unexpected changes
Your good in all things
that You equip those You call

her phone call of thanks after nine p.m.
the necklace for Casi
colorful yarn balls in a tote, waiting
the rides out to his house, scenic
food in her freezer, made by friends

Comet the cat
blankets by Granddaddy and TV marathons for Erin
her sweet heart
Fever, headache, lethargy--FLU

for scary things that pass
Slurpees and a stethoscope from a bestie

a review, rescheduled
a clean school room
fever cuddles with my little
and last night, finally off the couch and back in our beds
nine hours of sleep, in a bed, with warm covers!

containers for chocolate chips
a cleaned space for spices and supplies
the mini trampoline
warmer temperatures with Erin outside
Early spring teaser

steam showers

hugs from Becky
the video team
two hawks perched outside the living room
Two hawks for Erin

coconut popsicles
time with Lanie
Lanie and me

Popsicles for hydration (Ok, the coconut ones were really for me)
Greek salad dressing talks with Tracey
a new (to me) mama to write encouragement

On, on.

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