Monday, March 6, 2017

And still counting (10,134-10,165)

all the geese returning home, honking overhead
warm days

cleaned spaces
floors, mopped
a great review
hot tea in a pot
extra honey

the Rocky Mountain tumbler, 30 oz
the scarf he made, around my neck
the wrestle and tears
the seeking

a visit with Anita
her strength, straight talk and love
Linda's sisters
my own sisters
read alouds with Erin

my girls
piano music in the house
wood stacked
library finds, so I don't have to buy the book!
hand lotions, gifted

66 Books
Marshall's Mom
good sleep
10,000 steps
a walk with Lanie

a Sunday home
kids playing
an afternoon nap
chocolate bread in the oven
a fleece blanket on the bed

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