Monday, March 13, 2017

And still counting (10,166--10,196)

fat flakes
It was just starting to snow. She was ready for it!

daffodil blossoms
French toast, pain perdu
hot coffee
a blanket around my shoulders

silly string

Stacy, the bank manager
Lucy B's honesty and vulnerability
mountain views

Comet, the cat
the video team
read alouds with Erin
a hot fire
Friday night by the fire. No place like home.
my hound dog
that man of mine
talks with Tracey
free samples from the owner at the salon
a chat with a dance mom

podcast walks through the grocery store
chats with Lori
comments on a comment, prayers from strangers
his face in the sidebar
the Facebook anniversary reminder that we are friends

tea, with extra honey
Lori's safety and well being
prayers from friends
a warm welcome home

a bright full moon
deep sleep

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