Monday, March 20, 2017

And still counting (10197-10,235)

a safe place for my sister to stay during the snow
good care
reliable snow removal at Dad's house
his good neighbors

a snow day home with my girls
her hours of fun outside--HOURS
a sled run, over and over and over
hot chocolate
a movie

a picnic blanket for the years
heat from the fireplace
a waggy dog
His timely word

talks with Tracey
her 57 years

sweet notes from Lanie
Erin, with me everywhere
math, canceled
another home day
read alouds with Erin (The Secret Garden)

Amy, the case worker, who drove out to see my sister at the hospital.

Melanie, who checked in on the cats and brought in the mail. For her visit to the hospital to check on Lori.

Diona, who, unbeknownst to her, texted me and asked how she could pray for me in that minute, as I sat at my sister's bedside and watched her shut down from the stress of it all.

Tracey, who talked to me the whole way home.

Michi, who was willing to put her Saturday on hold to go out to my sister's to help clean her place. Who made calls to the caregiver company and talked me through some really tough moments.

Marshall's Mom, who met us Sunday and worked hard at cleaning bathrooms and Lori's bedroom to make a welcome home for my sister. For her prayers and her in-the-trenches friendship.

Shane, without complaint, who helped at the house and waited patiently in the hospital while I sat at my sister's side for hours.

My kids, who pitched in cleaning Lori's basement and played with the cats. They waited for me and gave me space to be with my sister.

Neil, who hardly knows me, told me to call him first with any need and offered to take over my management responsibilities on video or blog.

Anita, who has heard me ugly cry more times this year than in the twenty-plus years I've known her. And it doesn't phase her. 

Rebecca, Christy, Nora, Dave, Kellie, and many others who prayed over our situation.

Becky P's offers to take my kids and make us dinner.

Val's help in what could be causing her decline, and her suggestions on next steps.

You, God, and your miracles in what seems like madness. For restoration like I never imagined. For mercy in her hallucinations. And for your grace when she was present.

Lori, my sister. Her fight. Her happiness. Her forgiveness. Her faith. Her story.

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