Monday, April 3, 2017

And still counting (10,263-10,300)

yellow tulips in a vase
milky brie in the fridge
a mailbox, new

reunited with my sister
her cry to see me--like we'd been separated ages
a chat by phone with her
home fires
hot chocolate and tea

answered prayers
house guests, Comet and Haley
The Secret Garden, read alouds
a burger from Five Guys

love notes from Lanie
encouragement by email
nights when sleep comes without interruptions by fear
rough days that smooth by morning
the very real presence of friends

eighteen years married to a Good Guy
balloons for my sister
sunshine returned
lunch with Lori
weeds in the gardens, pulled

warmer temperatures
British Breakfast tea in a big mug
baptism weekend at church
before service preparations, camera 2

the video team
Easter tickets for five

her play at the table
Erin and Lego Friends
April brides, kindred love
a hound on the ground in the sunshine
primrose to plant
Erin running in the yard

hydrangeas in blue
the cutest silicone baking cups shaped like tea cups
a spring walk with Lanie
bird song and frog song
texts with friends in the hard times

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