Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day story


Outside my window, the front garden is raked and leaves hauled off. It's full of blooming primrose, and the azaleas are sporting new buds of their own. The house gardens show off tulips and stunning purple phlox. The cherry tree rains gentle petals over the lawn. The sky is blue. The sun is out. The air is warm. Breathing in this life.

Giving thanks for Easter worship at church, hugs from friends and neighbors, spring awakening. Thankful for green fields and new growth and vibrant color. The apple blossoms have the most delightful scent. And I'm already making lists for new plantings.

In the school room, preparing for a new week. A calendar light from so many full weeks--a home week of hunkering down, connection, restoration. A curriculum fair in the future; is it time already?

From the kitchen, I made a favorite strawberry salad often served up at Easter time. Thinking of Easters past at the old house with my dad, Linda and Lori. Today, at Lanie's urgent request, blackberry cheesecake bars. Easy recipe, and easily adaptable to a gluten-free life. Burgers on the grill for dinner.

I am creating memories. The girls found Easter baskets this morning. I hid eggs out in the gardens, and still they run and rush to collect them all. I joked with Shane, "Let's enjoy this Easter, we only have fifteen more years of hiding eggs for them!" Truly, I'm glad my kids are kids to the core and that they delight in the fun of finding things. Baskets with a few little treasures. Erin said to me, "This is my favorite Easter!" And then admitted she doesn't really remember the other ones. Ha!

I don't want to forget these good years here. This home has been so full of love and life. From the moment it captured my heart, and every step of the journey, it has been a sweet gift. I'm thankful for Cindy and Joel in my life. I'm thankful for good neighbors whose arms, hearts and homes are open to us. I'm thankful for a woodland wonderland. Sitting with Shane in the nook outside, blossoms like a gentle spring shower around us, slow motion confetti--a celebration of new life. Abundant life. 

Around the house, washing brick pavers, raking flower beds, pulling weeds. A new season and I want to embrace it completely. Welcome beauty. Welcome. Welcome home.

I am hearing nearby lawn tractors. So many birds this year, and so much song. There's no place like home. There's no place like here. Grateful.

A view of my favorite things:
garden phlox

This sweet trio, and Nella leaning in for the loving!

cherry blossoms

never too old

that man of mine

At the table, sitting at the school table thinking. I think about family and extended family and friends like family. One of the last calls my dad made was to his banker about paying off his truck. He took the time to express his feelings for her and their relationship over the years. I think about what my pastor said Saturday night, about success and what we think is success, and climbing ladders--only to find the ladder was propped up against the wrong wall. My dad had some people he had known at his funeral. But the banker wasn't there. Or the other people he had business relationships with. His sister wasn't there either (this is not said in criticism of them, but in reflection of relationships). You can climb all the wrong ladders, try to please all the wrong people. And the only blood that guarantees anything is the blood of Christ. These months have taken me on a heart journey for sure as I've thought long on who I thought my dad was, and what I've learned about him since he died. I've learned a few things about myself as well.

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