Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The latest read aloud with Erin is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Like Dickens and Steinbeck, this treasure is ripe of rich detail. Reading it awakens something full of hope deep down inside, poetic words of life, language that coaxes and calls a broken heart to proclaim, as did Master Colin in the face of beauty, "I shall get well! ... And I shall live forever and ever and ever!"

April showers. Rainy yesterday. We sat under blanket on the school room couch and I read out loud to her. When Dickon arrived at the garden with a pail of creamy milk and another pail of his mother's buns, Erin jabbed me. I continued on, thinking it a reflexive jump. Another mention of buns. Another jab. And then a third.

"Why do you keep jabbing me?" I asked.

"The buns! You were going to make buns on Easter and you didn't!" she said. Oh, the buns. Hot Cross Buns.

"Tomorrow is Tuesday," I mused. "And we haven't had a tea this month ..."

While no special guests surround our table, we'll imagine ourselves in a secret garden (which we sort of have), among woodland friends (woodpeckers, owls, colorful birds, and squirrels).

Today's menu: Baked Today Hot Cross Buns; Fresh Melon, Mango and Red Grapes; Chocolate Coconut Bread; a Sprinkling of Trader Joe's Scandinavian Swimmers; Cinnamon Orange Rooibos; Peach Mango Juice; Milk.

Pink thrill of Dogwood tops

Last of our tulips

Gorgeous colors

Bleeding hearts

One in the azalea patch

My favorite--the red lobster

Easiest dough

I had my doubts at first, but they turned out great--except for the cross part (my bag split)

Our first tea in the rain


Anonymous said...

I love this so much, sweet friend. And The Secret Garden is a special, transformative book for me. Beautiful colors in these photos! So delightful!! A Hundred Loves and joy in cupping days of grace.

Courtney said...

Xo, friend. Thank you!