Monday, May 8, 2017

And still counting (10,373-10,393)

an afternoon nap on the couch
socks on my feet
camera 4 (skips and twirls and grins in my heart!)

a video team meeting
library runs
a sermon walk through Food Lion
her laundry to do
visits with my sister

Anita at the table
an afternoon snack with Anita

hot pots of tea
texts with Cindy
a lovely red on Friday
100% chance of rain

backyard frog on the back door

Friday night movie and wine with my man

frog song

a rainy, rainy day
a windshield replaced
these weeks turned months of craving rest
and the rest found in them
a fresh four a.m. morning seat at the table

Aldi cheesecake
Monday resets with Marshall's Mom
homemade egg rolls gifted from a neighbor

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