Monday, May 15, 2017

And still counting (10,394-10,425)

visits with Lori
evenings at home

food in the fridge
a May day fire in the fireplace
Comet and Haley
running into Jennifer B's daughter
Michi at the table

nourishing talks
that man of mine
"Radio Silence" in the school room
dress shopping with the girls
and a later run out to the mall with Erin

a week of lasts: middle school literature and math
a piano recital
and the music that has filled this home all school year
so many song birds criss-crossing the yard
a call from a neighbor

a gift drop to Cindy
sangria on a Friday
all the rains
a yard mowed, and how the sun looked walking back to the house
nurse Debbie

Amy, the caseworker
truth reminders by email
Marshall's Mom
coffee in the early morning

66 Books
gf, df break-and-bake cookies on a chilly Friday
errands with the kids
this homeschool year, at home
camera 3

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