Monday, May 29, 2017

And still counting (10,460-10,494)

twist in a cup
books on hold at the library
Babette's Feast, waiting
his good neighbors to take out the trash
friends, that when you text them, they call you
Mrs. "Ward"

her hug, tears and blessing
geraniums in the window boxes
a mountain of mulch
the green season
all the rain

nights at home with my man
cream, again, for my coffee
a dental check up
a glimpse of Linda's house on the way to the vet
audiobook on Hoopla, "Unoffended"

an extra Tuesday in May--for tea
purple verbena
and one to gift away
the good aches from hauling mulch
safe travels in the storm

and the glowy sunset with Lanie for the ride home
Sherry's help
an afternoon of podcasts while I cut the grass and mulched the gardens
Shane home for three days
evening walks with my kids

Lanie's sweet thank you
chocolate coffee in the afternoon
Joyce Meyer podcast "No Parking"
tired legs
a morning chat outside with my sister

fresh fruit salad
good sleep
snake stompers
Erin's love of writing, returned

her smile

geraniums, verbena


glowy sun after the storm

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